Help pet owners with financial hardship pay for emergency veterinary care.

THE Ladybug.


In 2005, a pet owner brought a dog named Ladybug to the Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency Hospital for medical treatment. While there, Ladybug's owner became highly aware of the challenges that many pet owners face when confronted by the unexpected costs of emergency veterinary care.

Ladybug's owner made a generous donation, which was earmarked to help pet owners with financial hardship to offset the cost of emergency veterinary care. Hence, The Ladybug Fund was born. In 2007, the fund was approved as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization by the IRS, and all contributions are now tax deductible as a result.

Since then, hundreds of dogs and cats have received life-saving emergency veterinary care—thanks to generous donations to The Ladybug Fund.


How it works

  • Emergency clinics throughout Colorado submit requests for support from The Ladybug Fund.

  • 100% of your donated funds are distributed to clinics that meet the guidelines of the Ladybug Fund. All contributions are matched by the emergency hospital providing service.

  • Pet owners who receive these funds must document financial hardship, commit to following through on required aftercare, and demonstrate responsible pet ownership.

  • Pets and their families can look forward to quality veterinary care, recovery and peace of mind.